Events are not something we do a lot of… well traditionally anyway… However, the chance to work with a couple of other companies who we respect highly, Degu Media and Ebbw Media meant we decided to go for it.

It was brilliant, Mercure Holland House Hotel in the middle of Cardiff was the venue, it was a long evening, the awards ceremony (called The Regional Awards ) were awesome, some fantastic companies received awards, there was music, lights, a biiiig stage and a massive LED screen.

There were multiple challenges:

People… lots of people!  Almost 400 and though the venue is massive, it still seemed incredibly full!  The upshot of this was that there was little space for our lighting, certainly we couldn’t hang anything from the ceiling (almost 40ft high) and we couldn’t just plop light stands everywhere.

Smoke machines… these are any photographers bane (if you have your own lighting rig anyway) the flare you get back means every shot looks like it was shot on a misty day, the colours drain and the subjects get lost.

Sheer distance!  The venue is huge (I think I mentioned that) it causes issues, time to get into position, level of lighting required (especially when the staging company keep things… atmospheric).

We managed to deal with ALL of those things, the mixing shots were clean and fun, the audience shots due to our stage lighting meant you could actually see people and the shots of the awards worked beautifully because we had a lighting rig from Interfit Photographic that meant we could control levels from the ground and not have to run upstairs everytime we needed to make an adjustment… it made the shoot possible.

The end result… well… see for yourself:


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