Silver… we don’t need to say this but… it’s shiny… really shiny. ANYTHING and everything that is within visible distance shows… it’s one of those substances that requires real control over the lighting. The questions we ask are… do you want the little star sparkle points (something that is inherent in any camera with lenses that have a leaf aperture – basically, an SLR or Medium Format camera) or do you want more of a glow… do you want to see dark and light to enhance the shape element etc…

In this case, it was felt that an undefined light source giving the glow would be better… this is then when it gets to be even trickier because the moulding of silver (and a lot of silver comes out of moulds) leaves little pock marks where the silver bubbles in the mould. This means we also have to clean up the silver and if you look at the sword on this little icon, you can see exactly where we have done that.

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