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Headshots galore

When we have a client ask for a headshot, our first question is… what style would you like, does it have to fit in with other people, is this about you or a business, is it to sit comfortably within a mass corporate headshot page, something to go on a business card or on the back of a book…  So many questions!!!

Why do we ask these questions… well, each type of headshot is different… if it’s in a corporate environment where there are 200 headshots to match together it needs to be simple, needs to have a pre-defined lighting patter and tonally they images need to feel similar.  So we can shoot something that will work with the previous shots and not be out of place.  If it’s more about you than just creating a place-marker though… well, then the possibilities are endless and this is where it slides from being a corporate style headshot to a personality shoot.

The difference is that a personality shoot has to reflect who you are rather than indicate that you exist.  That’s a massive difference, there is also a cost implication here, and we don’t shy away from it… getting it right, doing it well and giving you choices at the end are what this is about.

Here are a few to have a look at…


Interfit S1 reigns supreme again!

We have been shouting about the quality of the light produced by these amazing units and once more, they have excelled. The brief… (just two days before the event) can you please come along and take a few photographs of our awards night!?!

Up for a challenge, of course, we replied!

Well, little did we know… very little stage lighting, a massive LED backlit screen, smoke machines and more in a room absolutely packed with tables and people with nowhere to put a lightstand that could be controlled or protected!

The end result will (hopefully) amaze you.

It meant that to get clean images, we had to use a high ISO (2000) which thankfully the Nikon D750 handles supremely well. The lights were controlled from the Nikon commander supplied with the S1 units. So, we had a tricky set up… I didn’t want anyone on stage to ever actually be able to face completely away from the light… For people facing stage front I wanted a 3d feel, not just flat lit.

The setup ended up being sort of normal but not… three lights were utilised, a group a (the front light) and a group b, the back lights.

The lighting position for the front light was about 40 feet away on a mezzanine balcony accessible through a side door and up two flights of stairs (thank goodness for the commander). The first of the back lights was stood on a flight case with the stand extended to the full 3m and directed back onto stage aiming to create a sandwich light with the front light. The third light was about shoulder height to the people on stage and came from stage right to add dimension.

Below is a lighting diagram…



Obviously not to scale… especially when you see the photograph below…



Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen 🙂

How Many Words are your Pictures Worth?


It’s a fact that a well crafted image can tell more than a paragraph of words… yet we still have to use them, just like now to try to educate and help people to evaluate the benefit of those stunning images.

If only we could simply communicate with images our lives would be a lot more colourful and a lot more fun.

Still for now, we sometimes have to revert to words to educate… however, items like this… well words don’t do them justice…


Valued at £175,000 we were not allowed to remove this from it’s box, or play with any lights… so this is it, the raw image.


Print is Dead, Long Live Print


Thank goodness it isn’t… lots of our business requirements are to have images ready for print and in a few cases to get things printed at banner sizes.

Everyone these days are used to seeing the quality of an image on a screen… whether it’s retina screen ready or not is almost irrelevant… the true beauty of what we produce only comes to light when you see the printed version… the smoothness and ultimate quality of the image.  Screens, our usual viewing media just don’t do these things justice.

Still, whilst the jury is out on whether print is actually dead or not… here’s an image for you to love… albeit on your screen.