We are CWC Imagery

Our aim is to create the image you want to portray. We sit with you, we analyse your requirements and then, in spectacular fashion, we make it happen.

Who we are.

We are an inventive team of people who design the lighting and feel of an image to work with your business. We stay on brand and speak in the same tone of voice in our images as you do throughout your marketing. It is ALWAYS necessary to understand where you images will end up, the way the surrounding or accompanying text will look feel and work and then shoot something accordingly. So who are we, we are the passionate, educated and inventive team who will make YOUR photographs work for your business.


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Principal Photographer


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Account Management


The key to what we do is all based around our photography. The ability to produce images to an exceptional standard to the specification required by our clientele. At every juncture, we assess the viability of the assignment and figure out the best way to get the right image for the right level of effort and cost. It's all about bringing an assignment in on time and within budget.


Our approach to a strategy meeting revolves around what's feasible with what's on spec. Sometimes what is wanted simply can't be done photographically. If that's the case, we are honest about it. However, it doesn't mean the end result can't be achieved and if there are some very special requirements, we have people who can make the impossible possible.

Digital manipulation

This is usually the result from a strategy meeting that means... it's not do-able as a live shoot. Though getting the shot in camera, getting it right and creating that reality is our ultimate aim, it's not always possible. Our team ultimately can make anything seem right, whether that shark was there in reality... well, you'll never know!


Our consultancy services will help you to determine the correct sort of image for your business... whether models will need to be involved, a styling team etc... we will if requested create a photographic template that other photographers could work from, a brief if you prefer.

How we work.

1Identify your requirements, the style, the message, the shape and the purpose for the image. Once we know all that, we can design the shoot.

2Having created a shoot brief and done the design, the shoot day is upon us. We have a full mobile studio with assistants on hand to move kit, hold lighting, and ever aspect of the work.

3 Post shoot, our aim is to get the images to you in the shortest time possible. We will re-visit and edit until our clients are happy. Once completed, you get the images with full copyright.